About us

NYDELLA® is a new minority owned business that will cultivate creativity and self-expression through fashion.  Our “My Vibe” T- Shirts will allow our customers to wear a mood without saying a word.  We know fashion is a form of self-expression, so why not wear it proudly. We will create a “Simple Staple with a Statement”.

the brand

The first initiative is to promote a mindset of Not Selfish, Just Self First®
Getting women (men too) to instinctively take care of themselves first, without feeling guilty or selfish. NYDELLA® will lead a focus on Self-First care.  
Taking care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually are all equally important. I will collaborate with others that have a platform to promote a Self-First focus. 

My second initiative of my brand will Support, Empower & Lead Fearlessly®
Life is not a spectator sport. To create a legacy, you must have to be willing to Support, Empower and Lead Fearlessly® the next generation of leaders and creators. 

It is so rewarding to see the positive impact you can have on someone else’s growth. I am teaming-up with others that are leading fearlessly.

the founder

I am Marita S. Daniels, the Founder and Principal of NYDELLA, LLC. I have always been intrigued by self-expression, empowering women, and creating a legacy for the next generation. Now is the time to bring my passions to life and start “My Second Act”. After 25+ years of working in Corporate America to support my family now it is time for me to work on something that is rewarding for me. I am utilizing my business skills and creativity to launch my business. This business will be an example for women when we BELIEVE in ourselves all things are possible. It is never too late to start a new chapter in life.

My business will create a Simple Staple with a Statement, apparel with a vibe. We all know fashion is a form of self-expression so why not wear it proudly.

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for future generations.

Our Mission

To cultivate a mindset of “Not Selfish, Just Self First®.” That we instinctively take care of ourselves first, without feeling selfish or guilty.