About us

NYDELLA® creates a Simple Staple with a Statement. We all know fashion is a form of self-expression, so why not wear it proudly? My apparel is inspiring with a VIBE.   

That is why I have a lot of confidence and passion in my Simple Staples with a Statement 

My quotes are timeless and can be applied to different paths in life. I receive a lot of positive feedback about them.  

NYDELLA® is not just another T-shirt business. It is a BRAND! A brand that I have worked hard to create. I am working diligently for it to evolve into something bigger.  

the brand

My business objective is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship for future generations.  

Building solid relationships is essential to me. So are compassion, kindness, sustainability, and financial success. These competencies will leave a legacy for future generations.  

My first initiative is to cultivate a mindset of Not Selfish, Just Self First.® 

Getting women to instinctively take care of themselves first, without feeling guilty or selfish. Taking care of ourselves emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually is equally essential.  

The second initiative of my brand is to Support, Empower & Lead Fearlessly.® 

To create a legacy, you must be willing to Support, Empower & Lead Fearlessly the next generation of Creators and Leaders.As a mother and grandmother, I am diligently building a foundation for the next generation to build upon. 

the founder

I am Marita S. Daniels, the Owner of NYDELLA, LLC.

After many years of working in Corporate America, I decided to retire.

I knew my following chapters in life were for me to work on something I was passionate about. My business is an example for women; when we BELIEVE in ourselves, all things are possible. My 30+ years of work experience have opened the door to my next chapter as an entrepreneur.

My age is a blessing, not a boundary®.
There are no limitations on what I BELIEVE is possible.

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for future generations.

Our Mission

To cultivate a mindset of “Not Selfish, Just Self First®.” That we instinctively take care of ourselves first, without feeling selfish or guilty.